Distributed Systems Research Group on Autonomy,

ResilieNce, Collaboration, and Energy (DANCE)

Current Projects
Finished Projects
  • E-Cloud: Resource and Energy efficient Cloud Computing Infrastructure.
  • RSIA: Runtime Service Integrity Assurance for Open Service Oriented Systems.
  • ELT: Efficient Log-based Troubleshooting System for Cloud Computing Infrastructures.
  • InfoScope: Continuous information monitoring for production systems.
  • DDIC: Distributed Data-Intensive Cloud Computing
  • System S: Large-scale data stream processing infrastructure (IBM Research).
  • SpiderNet: QoS-aware dynamic service composition system (UIUC).
  • Gaia: Middleware support for pervasive computing (UIUC).
  • AOS: Adaptive offloading system for resource constrained mobile devices (HP labs).
Code and data can be found at Github page.